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Leader information

Leader info
Bronze Award Web Site

Please make sure you have read this page thoroughly as it details your role as a leader and the new guidelines of the department.

The chart below is aimed at helping the department keep track of the candidates progress through the award. Each leader will be assigned a goup and it is your job to download this file and keep a record of your groups progress. Once a section has been finished all you need to do is complete the form provided when individuals complete each section.

Award Progress Chart

Candidate name/s:

Walk and Talks
Please be sure that if you are required to attend the worlk and talks that you make a note of the following date.
Sunday 26th March
this walok will be held at the Dunstable Downs, meeting in the car park at 11am. expected to leave around 2pm.

First Aid Notice Board

Please note that as of January 2004 you must submit a form stating any blood related diseases / problems such as ITP and AIDS. For further information please contact me!