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You should have these dates but if you have lost them, please highlight the page and copy it to a word document. You may need to change the colour of the text from green to black!
There is no excuse for not having the dates and not being able to attend the meetings. If you have a genuine reason then please let one of us know as soon as you can!

Training calendar 2004


 Please note that if your daughter misses the following training and additional catch up sessions she will not be allowed undertake the expedition.

1.      Safe working practices cooking with a trangia

2.      Organised walks (ALL)

3.      Map skills

If your daughter is unable to attend due to illness a note must be sent into school in the normal way. Additionally if there are any personal or family problems, which means if your daughter is unable to attend a meeting a quiet word at any time before the training session will be fine. please also note that the walks are physically demanding and should not be entered lightly!!!

Tuesday evenings 4:00pm till 5:15pm in room 5 (those catching late buses can leave 5 minuets before the end of the session). Please read the bottom paragraph of this page!
Please look at both the White board and the D of E notice board for any change of rooms or cancellations. Unless you here from myself or Mrs Scorer all training will continue as stated below! 

Catch up Sundays: ( For those who have missed a Tuesday training session ).
Sunday 20th November 
Sunday 22nd January
Sunday 26th February
Sunday 19th March
Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Additional Sunday dates: (Everyone, this includes Tuesday trainees).
Sunday 4th December
Sunday 29th January
Sunday 5th March
Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Walk and Talks: ( COMPULSARY everyone must attend without fail) 
Sunday 26th March
Sunday 30th April*
* Sunday 30th April has been cancelled due to many candidates being on a school trip that day.

Competancy Tests
The following people have passed:
Katie Gibbs
Lily Ash
Neera Shah
Miriam Hanna
The following people have failed and need to re-sit:
Serina Jenkins
Izzie Tween
Alyss Lisle-Denny
Megan Roberts
Nilushi Perera
Megan Mason
Sarah Barnes 
To those who have passed well done! you are well on the way. And to those of you who have failed, good try and do not worry as you will only be re-sitting the questions you got wrong!
Route Planning
A big WELL DONE to you girls for the work you did on sunday! you are nearly there with your routes. Don't forget the deadline for your two routes and all paperwork including green forms are to be in this coming Friday (10/03/06).

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