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Final candidates

Below you will find a list of students who a have been placed on the award. If your name is not on the list but you wish to join then please make sure you have all paper work (medical forms, county form etc.) filled in and brought with you on Tuesday 27th September.

Tuesday Candidates:
Serina Jenkins
Alice Lisle-Denny
Sarah Barnes
Miriam Hanna
Rebbecca Hobbs
Lily Ash
Katie Gibbs
Nilushi Perera
Megan Mason
Neera Shah
Megan Roberts
Doyin Fogbenro
Nikitha Yenula
Sunday Candidates:
Katy Lyndon
Eirene Yeung
Charisa Yeung
Jilly Mabbitt
Kathryn Leonard
Alex Hamilton-Briscoe
Carmela Carrea
Emma Wates
Charlotte Montilla
Hannah Saville
Rebecca Layland

Expedition Groups:
These groups have been left up to you to decide. You will be working with different people on the Sunday compulsary training sessions. The first Sunday training session back after the Christmas holidays will be where you make your choices of group. We strongly suggest that you meet up during your break times before the training session.
Group sizes - 5 groups of 5

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