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Introductory letter

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Dame Alice Harpur School


Dear Parents

The Duke of Edinburghs Award Scheme is for young people aged between 14 and 25, and all girls in Year 10 are eligible to participate. The starting level is at Bronze, and for this the candidate undertakes a commitment in four different categories, which may run concurrently:



Physical Recreation


3 months

3 months

3 months

Plan, prepare for and undertake a 2-day venture.

An additional 3 months must be undertaken in any of these sections.

The Expedition Section is concerned with the development of the individual and social interaction of the group. The Expedition Section differs from the other sections in so far as it is a group effort and all must work together as members of a team to ensure a successful outcome of the venture. Outdoor ventures demand total commitment and groups have to learn to make decisions affecting their well-being and accept the consequences of their actions.

A progressive programme of training with diminishing external leader involvement enables the girls to become more self-reliant until the group is able to carry out the qualifying venture unaccompanied. This training will occur once a month, usually on a Sunday. A list of dates will be provided. Girls are expected to attend all the training days in order to satisfy the requirements of the award.

The aim of the scheme is not only to enable young people to experience group work, but also to develop individual skills and help in the community. Dedication and commitment are required. The Sections are fun and challenging, but demanding, particularly the Expedition. There are costs to be incurred: £50 to join the Scheme covers the personal log book, insurance and costs of local training. Expeditions are approximately £30 for both weekends.

Specialist clothing and equipment required

            Walking boots               


            Waterproof map case

Sleeping bag.

We try to keep costs to a minimum, but the above items are essential. The school provides cookers and tents. We have a limited number of rucksacks and sleeping bags for loan.

I hope your daughter would like to join the scheme. If she would, please return both the reply slip below and the County Bronze Level Entry form by Friday 13th September, adding in the space provided any medical problems of which I should be aware.

Yours sincerely

 (Mrs) K Scorer

PE Department


 REPLY SLIP To Mrs K Scorer, PE Dept, Dame Alice Harpur School

 Duke of Edinburghs Award Schem

Daughters name:

Date of birth:


My daughter would like to join the Duke of Edinburghs Award Scheme. I enclose £15 (Cheques payable to Dame Alice Harpur School please).

 Telephone contact number in case of emergency:

 If your daughter has any medical problem, allergy etc of which we should be aware, or any dietary exclusion (for any reason, whether medical or not, eg vegetarianism), please give details below. Continue overleaf if necessary.

Signed:                                     (Parent/Guardian)


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