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Duke of Edinburghs Award Bronze

Practice Expedition               6th - 7th May 2005*

Actual Expedition                  10th - 11th June 2005*


* Please note that we are expecting you on the friday evening (7pm onwards) this is to allow you time to settle in and get all your equipment and routes checked before Saturday. 


The expeditions will take place locally. Each group has a designated drop off and separate meeting points so that walking routes are not identical.  On both Saturdays your daughter will need to be dropped off by 11:00hrs.  It is important that she is punctual as the group will be meeting their supervisor before starting.

It will also be appreciated if you are punctual in collecting your daughter on the Sundays, as staff have volunteered their time and have to wait until every girl has been collected.  Sundays collection will be at the designated area at 13:30.  Please be patient if they are late.  Your daughter will supply you with details of the drop-off and collection points once she has planned the routes. For further details see the school notice board and group page on this web site.

Please complete and return the medical form, together with the Award pack fee, by Friday 16th September. For more information on payment see starter pack.

In case of emergency, Gareth Scorer can be contacted on 0777 186 2478.


Concerning Kit and Equipment

Dates and times for equipment/kit collection will be issued on the group page on this site as well as the school notice board. 

After the practice expedition your daughter should retain borrowed equipment, drying and airing it thoroughly in readiness for the expedition.

After the final expedition, all borrowed equipment must be returned to Mrs Scorer in the gym. Dates and times are on the notice board and the group page of this site.


Guidance for Cleaning Equipment

It is all too easy to leave items of personal property inside the inner tent, so please check that the tents are free of any clothing or litter.  Any mud on the groundsheet, flysheet or rucksack should be sponged off with plain water (no detergent, please, as this destroys the waterproofing).

Pegs should be cleaned and straightened.

Trangias should be immaculate, inside and out, and the reservoir should be empty of methylated spirit, washed, dried and wrapped in a small plastic bag before being placed inside the kettle.  All parts of the trangia should be checked, including the security strap.  Please do not put trangias into a dishwasher, because they are made of aluminium and will become discoloured.

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