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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page, we'll introduce you to the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.

Hello everybody!
Route Planning - If routes are not finished by the end of the session then you must meet your group during the week and finish them. All routes must be in this Friday with out fail. Any groups failing to submit their routes will not be able to qualify this year! 
Those of you who have sat the first lot of competancy tests please go to the training page. 
Please remember girls to bring paper and a pen to each training session. also please bring a with folder with you as you will be getting handouts.
OK we seem to have a problem with our areas (service). some people have already finished them! please be aware that it is not based on hours!!!! you must do an activity etc for a minimum of 1 hour a week over three months and six months unless you have been told otherwise by myself or Mrs Scorer. Also please make sure that you are logging each and every session you go to as we will be checking to see if you have done it. We do not want and logg books with Oct-Dec in them. it must have the D/D/M and the signature of the tutor who took the session or observed you.
Please also remeber that when you are being collected from training sessions, sunday people in particular, please make sure that you are collected from either the front or back of the school. If you need to catch a bus or go into town etc please make sure you bring a letter from home with your parents signature on it. If you do not bring a letter you will not be allowed to leave the school. A phone call from your parents to either myself or Mrs Scorer is fine to.

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